In 1988 I received my first transmission.. It sounded like it came from a long distance away, as if it was coming down a long pipe that reflected the sound on the way.. so it was a kind of “reverse-echo”..

I was sitting with a blank sheet in front of me.. and I heard the sobering words in my mind: “Enough of the ego stuff and get on with your Job!”

So i wrote the words down, and then wrote a question: What job is that?

..and the next part is burned on my memory so much so that I made a recording soon after of a kind of simulation of what it sounded like to me.. you can hear that Here:

It said “Energy. Transforming Energy”

Mystified.. I kind of let the thing slide.. It had made no sense to me at that time.. I kept mulling over what this weird voice in my head (kinda from the top and back) was talking about..

It was only some years later when I heard the TV series Babylon 5, and I heard the voice of the Vorlon Ambassador Kosh, where I heard that sound again. …hmm .. perhaps there was something in it after all.. maybe someone else (the guy who wrote the series, J Michael Straczinzki).. Had ALSO heard it..

So.. over the years since then, I have very occasionally, when bouts of anxiety or depression hit me and I have no-one outside of myself I can consult, I consult with this .. energy.. and it connects the dots for me, puts everything into context, and releases the tension.

It’s like having a wise uncle who you can call night or day..  I take a sheet of paper, and a pen, and I write a question.. or simply say “Hello”.

What happens next is  the strangest and hardest part.. There is ALWAYS a reply.

Nowadays, I am used to it, but i was always suspicious.. I didnt trust it completely, and it patiently allowed me to overcome my Londoner Skepticynical attitude, (Of course I also imagined it was some form of technology used by some Agency to control my mind) by proving first that it was outside of my timestream (i.e. it could see my future), and that it was aware of my personal situation. And indeed it was aware that I didn’t trust it. And it wasn’t always objective.. sometimes it would say things it knew I wanted to hear. Over the years it has been able to be more honest.. but its a bit like a wise granny supporting a loved young person, knowing that they would get into distress from their choice of action, but being wise enough to let them experience it for themselves.

And indeed I treat it like a wise elder.. even though I am aware that it is a “part” of me.. or that rather I am a part of it…

Over the years i have come to understand more about the nature of the being that I was “talking” to..  but it seems to be what people call telepathy.. It is not the sound of words in my head.. I would certainly have been Most Suspicious at that… it is a FEELING more that anything, but very specific.. for instance if I were to say “Smell of freshly cut grass in spring”.. will evoke a specific feeling, from whence you could express certain thoughts and ideas, indeed that single “seed” thought evokes many other thoughts, and that is the nature of telepathy. The information it carries is highly condensed, like a ZIP file, and conveyed instantly. It is highly efficient, and is used almost universally as a communication means, except by the large majority of humans on Earth.

So the question is.. Who, or what exactly am I speaking to?.. This I believe is that same voice that is found in all of us. If only we stopped to listen. Sometimes I do. And I write down what I hear.

I didn’t make a connection every day.. in fact the beginning was sparsely dotted with days when I would sit with my paper.. I could go months or years between conversations. I had much to do.. a life to live.. it was only after a divorce, redundancy, bankrupcy and a series of heartbreaks that I started conversing more.. after all what else did I have to lose..?

At first also I thought that using paper and pen was somehow Sacred.. turned out not to be the case. I opened my laptop, opened a new Document, and started typing. It turned out not just that it was possible, but that it was better, I could type and then correct spelling and format it and present it well. This takes us to about 9 years ago. Since then I have managed to transfer some of my older transmissions into the same format.. and late 2014, I gathered all the documents together and made a database out of them all. While still allowing me to make new entries in the database, I could search and now most importantly extract segments, for perhaps later publishing… so here we are here on the web.

I hope to regularly publish some of the Golden Nuggets of Truth and Wisdom that they have conveyed to me, they will be in no particular order, and the number sequence in the title is the date… I dont know how this will turn out .. I will leave comments “on” for postings (subscribe to post, it’s free) , as I would like to start discussions on the thoughts.. are they useful, are they true..?


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